Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ryn Shoes Giveaway

I've heard good things about toning shoes, not only that they can help to tone your core and lower body but that they are really comfy and that they can help your back and your knees.  I would love to win a pair for my hubby to try out.   He's on his feet all day at work as a land surveyor and he's been having trouble with his sciatica hurting and his knees.  So I was excited when I saw that a pair of Ryn Toning Shoes were being given away!  These shoes are great not only for them toning, but Ryn Footwear carries a huge selection for men and women.  They not only have the sort of plain athletic shoes but they have dress shoes and hiking shoes.  I was really imprressed!  If you want a chance to win head over to Diaries of a Domestic Goddess Ryn Shoes Giveaway  by 08-01 for your chance to win!

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