Friday, December 18, 2009

Hot Sauce Giveaway

I don't like anything spicy but my hubby absolutely love all things hot and spicy. That's why I want to win this giveaway! You can win a pack of 4 gourmet hot sauces! Go here for your chance to win:

Ceiling Fan Mobile

What a great idea! You can hang a mobile from a ceiling fan. First, I don't know any babies that don't love ceiling fans to begin with. And second, when the baby starts sitting up you have to take down a traditional mobile. SO this is a great idea. I really liek the Bugz one. Go here for your chance to win one!

Bracelet Giveaway

Great giveaway of a gorgeous chunky bracelet. I think this bracelet is so cute and fashionable. I would love to win it to give it to my mom for Christmas or my brother's girlfriend. Go here for your chance to win:

Guitary Hero Giveaway

Coke rewards is giving away copies of Guitar Hero 5. We have the Beattles rockband games and its so much fun! I would love to win a copy of Guitar hero! Go here for your chance to win one:

Kikoman Giveaway

Kikoman is giving away coupons and recipes to change your boring turkey into something fabulous. I love Kikoman terriaki sauce. I love to make terriaki chicken it's a great family recipe. So Kikoman is giving away some soy sauce and a recipe book. Go here to enter:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kohl's Gift Card Giveaway

I love Kohls. They have great stuff at great prices. You can get some really great stuff on sale. My mom is queen of the bargain hunters and she gets great stuff there! I would love to win this gift card for her so she could buy herself some great clothes for work. So to celebrate the Holidays Kohls is offering a $25 gift card for one lucky winner. Go here for your chance to win!

Down East Basics Giveaway

Great holiday outfit being given away by DOwneast basics. They have a reaely cute selection of clothes. GO here to win:

Kid's Creative Kits Giveaway

Great giveaway of kits that kids can use to make great stuff. I love the creativity of kids so this is a great giveaway. Go here to enter:

Glade Giveaway

I love candles. They make things smell so great. So I would love to iwn this giveaway of a glade scented candle. I would pick the French Vanilla scent. Go here for your chance to win:

Squeeball Giveaway

I love our Wii. It's so much fun and I'm not usually a video game person. Even my parents like it! The Squeeball game is a fun interactive game for the whole family. It requires you to get up and move around which is perfect for the Holiday laziness! Go here for your chance to win it:

Win a gorgeous purse

The Sakroots Pax Eco II purse is absolutely gorgeous! It's got a fabulous print by a Paris graffiti artist, the liner is made of recycled cotton, and there are different lengths of straps to choose from. I would love to win this to give it to my mom she's a purse junkie. Go here for your chance to win:

Subway Giveaway

I love Subway. It's one of my favorite eat out places. We don't get to eat out a lot because money is so tight. That's why this giveaway is so exciting! You can enter to win a $25 Subway gift card to keep for yourself or give as the perfect stocking stuffer! Go here for your chance to win:

Zutano Giveaway

Zutano Itzy Bitzy is an online boutique specializing in infant and premie clothes. Anyone who's had a premie or knows someone who has knows that it's nearly impossible to find clothes for them that aren't astronomical. All of the clothes and accessories on this site are absolutely adorable! You can enter to win a $75 gift card, which you can get tons of cute stuff! Go here to enter:

Nestle Giveaway

Enter to win a great prize pack from Nestle. I love baking during the holidays and Nestle is a great brand. I love their chocolate chips. You can win a prize pack including coupons for chocolate chips and cookie dough, evaporated milk, a picture frame and a recipe guide. Go here for your chance to win:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Libby's Giveaway

In honor of their food drive Libby's food is hosting a giveaway! You can enter to win one of two fabulous slow cookers! Go here for your chance to win:

LIbby's Can Food Drive

With things being so hard there are more and more families going hungry this time of year. That's why there's a great food drive from Libby's food company.

The Libby’s Virtual Canned Food Drive is a fun and effective way to support Feeding America in the fight against hunger. Libby’s Vegetables will match your gift, dollar for dollar, up to $30,000. To thank you for your support, Libby’s is also offering a money-saving coupon to everyone who donates!

Kitzoom camera giveaway

Great toy for a little girl. The Kidzoom digital camera is practically indestructible and perfect for a little girl to have out to play with. Go here to enter to win:

Fetal Stethescope Giveaway

Anyone who is pregnant knows that you want to check on your baby as much as possible. Hearing the baby's heart beat is so reassuring! So this is great for any person who is expecting. Go here for your chance to win:

Disney Holiday Giveaway

Great giveaway from Disney. You can win chocolates, mittens, nail polishes, all kinds of fun pampering items just in time for Christmas! Go here for your chance to win:

Pillow Pet Giveaway

What a cute thing! The pillow pet is a pillow that's also a stuffed animal. I love cuddling up to my stuffed animals so this is the perfect combination! They even have a penguin one so it's perfect for me! I would love to win it!

Go here for the chance to win:

Another Chance To Win a Sleep Number Bed

Another blog is giving away a sleep number bed! It's amazing that two different blogs are giving away this fabulous prize! So for your chance for another one of these fabulous beds. go here to enter:

Sleep Number Bed Giveaway

This is an amazing giveaway! Whoever wins this will be so lucky! Sleep number beds are absolutely wonderful. My mom has one and it is so great on my back. Plus, for someone like us where my hubby likes a really firm bed and I like a really soft one. Since each person can determine the softness of their side of the bed it's perfect for couples. So they're giving away a sleep number bed by going here!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Eight O' Clock Coffee Giveaway

Great prize if you have a coffee lover in the house. My hubby has gotten into drinking coffee every morning before work every since my mother bought him a great single serving coffee maker. This gift pack includes coffee, a travel mug, a picnic basket, adn some great coupons. Go here for your chance to win:

Ozone Socks Giveaway

Ozone socks are a great thing for people who are impossible to shop for. They have a huge selection of socks for men, women, children and babies. They're super cute and you can send them along in a sock gram. You can enter to win 2 socks of their choice from:

Southern Magnolia Minearls

I love mineral makeup. I think it looks so gorgeous on and I can definitely see the difference in my skin. I had never heard of Southern Magnolia Minerals until I saw this giveaway but I'm really impressed with their site. You can get sample sizes so you know if you like the item before you buy it. I'd like to do that with the eye shadows because I love having fun funky colors like teal or bright blue, for special occasions but I don't want to have to spend the price for a full size item. The other thing that amazes me is how inexpensive the stuff is! They have eyeshadow sets with 5 colors for under $7. That's insane for mineral makeup! So if you wan to win a $25 gift card (which will go a long way!) go here for your chance to win:

Prayer Box Giveaway

Networking Witches is hosting a great giveaway of Prayerboxes from They're beautiful handcrafted boxes made in the US by artisans. They are absolutely grogeous and would make a fabulous gift for someone that you know is religious but you don't want to get them anything ostentatious. This particular giveaway is fabulous because they're giving away TWELVE! So your chances of winning are very good! For your chance to win go here:

Baby Bond Giveaway

The Baby Bond is a great product that allows you to nurse while maintaining modesty. It comes in nice colors and you can choose one that matches your style. Go here to enter for your chance to win:

Beauty Prize Pack Giveaway

With Christmas and New Years coming up I really need this prize pack! It comes with beauty products and a yoga DVD. It includes: energizing essential oils elixir by sothys usa, pulse yoga II balance and tone by pulse yoga, karite special nuNAAT, gone in sixty seconds by Amino Genesis. I would love to win all of these fabulous prizes! For your chance to win go here to enter:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thong Giveaway

Awesome giveaway! A sexy lace and pearl thong! I would love to win this as a Christmas present for hubby. How fun! Go here for your chance to win:

UL Giveaway

UL is sponsoring a safety at home program to make sure people are safe during the Holidays. So for your chance to win a Holiday's necessity package that includes safe lights, a mini wreath, and ornaments go here for your chance to win:

Scandle Candle Giveaway

Great product! The scandle candle is a candle where you burn it and it then use the waxy it produces as a moisturizer or lotion. It's not only useful but it's also environmentally friendly since it's all natural and vegan and cruelty free. Go here for your chance to win one:

Lands End Sweater Giveaway

I love sweaters! It's one of my favorite parts of Christmas. This one in particular is absolutely gorgeous. Just in time for Christmas you can enter to win a gorgeous Argyle Sweater made from fine cotton from Land's End. Contest ends on 12/20 go here for your chance to win:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fountain Jet Soda Stream Giveaway

I have been wanting to win one of these great machines forever! You can use it to make your own soda at home. Not only do you save money by not having to buy new bottles, but you're helping the environment because you just buy the flavors and you don't ship all the heavy stuff around the country! Plus, it looks like a super fun thing to have. So you can enter to win a Fountain Jet Soda Starter Set by going here:

Sock Gram Giveaway

The perfect present for someone who is impossible to buy for: a sock gram! You can pick out a cute pair of socks whether they're humorous socks or toe socks and send it along to your friend or family member. Go here for your chance to win:

Cooks Ham Giveaway

I love having a ham for Christmas dinner. This year I'm hoping to win one! You can enter to win one of 2 coupons for a Cook's Ham good for up to $30. This would be a nice treat to not have to pay for this year's ham. Go here for your chance to win:

Gund Lamb Cozy Giveaway

Enter to win an adorable and sweety fuzzy little lamp for your little one and it even comes with a personalized message on it. The Gund Lamb Cozy is a really cute soft toy personalized with your baby's name. Go here for your chance to win:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Red Cordial Resign Earrings

Enter to win a pair of gorgeous red earrings. I would love to win these for my mother I think she'd really like them. Go here for your chance to win:

Disney Family Pack

Disney is offering a family pack to help to de-stress your travel plans! You can get a great candle, a wine chiller, and a pair of gloves. Go here for your chance to win:

Popcorn Factory Giveaway

I love Popcorn Factory they have great snacks! You can win the Snowman Factory Popcorn Tin with assorted snacks. GO here for your chance to win:

Ergo Sleeping Pouch

Great product for baby to sleep in! It's specifically designed to be safe for your baby to sleep in. It's made of natural fibers that regulate baby's sleep cycles to keep the temperature at a comfortable temp. Go here for your chance to win:

Frito Lays Giveaway

Great for the Holiday's the Frito Lays Party in a Pinch Giveaway set has everything you need to throw together a great party in on time. Get chips, bowl, salsa, the whole nine yards! For your chance to win go here to enter:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Navy Coupon Giveaway

I love Old Navy. They have really cute clothes at great prices. Their Winter clothes especially are really fun and cuddly warm. They even have adorable dog and baby clothes! That's why I really want to win this fabulous coupon: you can be one of TEN winners of a $50 off $100 purchase. What a great deal! The only catch is that the coupon use time is limited from December 11-17th. But this is just perfect right in time for Christmas in order to buy some great presents for everyone! Go here for your chance to be one of 10 winners!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Borders Giveaway

Just in time for Christmas you can be one of two winners to win a $100 gift card for Borders bookstore! I love Borders not only do they have a great selection of books but they always have super cute Christmas presents for the whole family there! So I would be so excited to win one of two #100 gift cards! GO here for your chance to win!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tea Giveaway

One thing I really love during the winter is a hot cup of tea. So here's a great giveaway if you're a tea lover or if you need a fabulous Christmas present for a tea lover! You can win a beautiful tea pot, a tin of earl grey tea, and some tea bags. I would love to win this! Go here for your chance to win!