Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coupon Giveaway

I know how much money coupons can save and I'm always impressed by people that are strict adherants to coupon cutting!  I really wish I was more on the ball when it comes to clipping coupons because with money as tight as it is every little savings helps.  So I was very excited when I saw this fantastic giveaway!  You can enter to be one of TWO winners of 200 coupons each.  Two HUNDRED coupons!  They're for all different kinds of products and if you use them right you can definitely take a chunk out of your grocery bill.  So if you'd like to be one of two winners head over to Mom Saves Money Coupon Giveaway

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yoplait Splitz GIveaway

I am a huge Yoplait fan.  I love all of their different kinds of yogurt, and they make such a good treat.  I especially like putting the Whips in the freezer and getting a really yummy low calorie treat.  So I would be really excited to try out the Yoplait Splitz for free!  You can win a coupon to try them out along with an insulated picnic bag and a great blanket to take with out on a day outing.  For your chance to win go to First Time Mommy Yoplait Giveaway  by 08-29 and enter to win!

Hoohobbers Giveaway

I love that diaper bags are no longer really ugly or totally feminine, they have a ton of ones that are stylish and cute to carry around.  This messanger bag from Hoohobbers is really fun and stylish and I would love to win it as a baby shower present for my friend who is having a little girl a few months.  I think she would really love it!  To win go to Sugar Pop Ribbons Hoohobbers Giveaway  by 08-29 for your chance to win!

Nacho Mama T-Shirt Giveaway

Nacho Mama Tees is an online store that carries you guessed it, t-shirts!  I love a good comfy t-shirt, especially one that has something funny or nostalgic about it.  Nacho Mama t-shirts are supposed to be really comfortable and they have a bunch of witty t's.  I'm a huge fan of the 80's tees (they have a whole section devoted!)  So if you want to win the t-shirt of your choice from Nacho Mama head over to New Age Mama Nacho Mama giveaway  by 08-29 for your chance to win!

Snugfits Giveaway

Snugfits is an online boutique that is full of baby and toddler clothes that are really witty and fun.  I love being able to find really cute onesies and t-shirts for little ones that are funny, unique and entertaining.  There's nothing worse than a boring baby shower gift, and finding something like a cute onesie makes for a really memorable gift.  Snugfits has a huge selection of these great clothes for baby and toddlers in a HUGE amount of colors so you're bound to find something that you like.  If you want the chance to win a oneise or lap tee of your choice head over to Mama Buzz Snugfits Giveaway  by 08-29 for your chance to win!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Naturepedic Giveaway

It seems like everyone around me isn't multiplying!  I'm always looking for nice little baby gifts, but my good friend is having her first child, a little girl, in 4 months so I'm looking for a really nice baby gift for her.  Since money is really tight (for us and for her actually) it would be so nice to be able to win her a really nice thing for her nursery.  So I was very excited when I saw this giveaway!  The No Compromise Ultra Organic Crib Mattress worth $359 would be absolutely perfect!

This mattress is so nice because its hypoallergenic, fire resistant, it has an organic cotton waterproof cover, it has a dust mite barrier cover, and its wool and latex free.  So everything you could possibly want!  If you want the chance to enter to win head over to Table For Five Naturepedic Crib Mattress Giveaway  by 08-27 and enter to win! 

Green Time Bags Giveaway

I hate wasting plastic bags by throwing them out every day, so I think these Green Time Bags are a really great idea.  Reuseable sandwich and snack bags that are not only eco friendly but they are super cute!  I love that they have patterns that are stylish no matter how old you are or your gender!  You can enter to win a sanwich bag of your choice and a snack bag of choice by going to Sugar Pop Ribbons Green Time Bags Giveaway

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brugo Coffee Mug Review and Giveaway

The Brugo Coffee Mug is an ingenious invention that keeps your coffee hot and since it comes in a huge variety of styles and colors it keeps your coffee trendy as well!  If you'd like the chance to win one head over to Candid, Clever and Cost Effective Brugo Review and Giveaway  and enter for a chance to win!

Plug In Scentsy Warmer Giveaway

Scentsy Warmers are really neat warmers that melt waxes and release a great scent, like a scented candle but even better.  The Plug in warmers are nightlights and room fresheners all in one!  The Plug in Scentsy Warmers come in a variety of different colors and they're really stylish and you can pick from a huge variety of scents.  For the chance to win the Plug in Scentsy with three different scented waxes go to AK Blessings Abound Scentsy Warmer Giveaway

Cold Stone Creamery Giveaway

Cold Stone Creamery is hooking up with the Make a Wish Foundation which is an absolutely amazing organization that grants wishes to terminally ill individuals.  I love Cold Stone Creamery for their banana ice cream but I love them even more now for supporting such a worthwhile cause.  To win a $10 gift card to treat yourself go to One Bored Mommy Cold Stone Giveaway

EcoSmart Giveaway

EcoSmart is a line of products for your home that are natural and safe.  We have a serious bug problem but with 2 dogs and a tortoise we have to be really careful with what we use.  Oh yeah, and the people too!  So I would love to win this prize pack chocked full of bug fighting products!  For your chance to win go to One Bored Mommy EcoSmart Giveaway

Bob's Books Giveaway

Scholastic has been the name in educational material since I was a kid (and probably before!)  I loved reading when I was a kid, so I would love to win the Bob's Books lunchbox and Sight Words books.  For your chance to be one of two winners head over to Go Graham Go Bob Books Giveaway

4 Breyers Coupons Giveaway

Enter to win 4 coupons for any products from the new Breyers Smooth and Dreamy Giveaway!  Go to A Couch with a View Breyers Giveaway

EO Bubble Bubble Gift Set Giveaway

EO (Essential Oils) are a great way to take care of your body and smell good in the process!  So if you want to win a gift set to pamper you or someone you love head over to Luv To Save EO Giveaway  (another ENTIRELY accidental rhyme!)  for your chance to win by 08-25! 

Sam's Club Giveaway

Sam's Club is the Walmart equivalent to Costco.  I love how much money you can save buying in bulk especially at back to school time!  So for your chance to win a day pass and a $25 gift card at Sam's Club head over to Luv To Save Sam's Club Giveway  (no I didn't mean that to rhyme!) and enter to win!

Nature Valley Giveaay

My Blog Spark connects great companies with fabulous prizes and great blogs who want nothing more than to give them away to their readers!  And as one of the readers who loves loves loves! to win fabulous and amazing prizes I'm grateful!  So the newest prize pack up for grabs is from Nature Valley  Granola Bars.  I absolutely love them, they're a fabulous and healthy treat to have on hand!  To promote seeing our amazing National Parks, they're giving away a really cool prize pack that includes a mini back pack, solar powered key chain, compass, and a book of a 1,000 places to see before you die.  So for your chance to win this awesome prize pack you should head on over to A Happy Hippy Mom Nature Valley Giveaway  by 08-25 for your chance to win! 

Kroger Giveaway

I would love to win this $25 Kroger gift card!  It's always so nice to have one on hand for those times when money is a little tight and we're out of milk or bread or if we need to pick up a prescription.  Here in Arizona Kroger stores are Frys and it just happens to be the only grocery store out on our little side of town.  So if you'd like the chance to win a $25 Kroger Gift Card head over to The Clan McLeod Kroger Giveaway  for your chance to win!

Balboa Baby Giveaway

Shopping cart covers are such a smart invention.  Knowing what I know, but really don't like to think about, is how dirty shopping carts can be.  So Balboa Baby sells super cute shopping cart and high chair covers.  I love that the patterns are really stylish!  For your chance to win one go over to Frugality is Free Balboa Shopping Cart Cover Giveaway

Oreck Halo Giveaway

Getting a good vacuum cleaner is so important.  I was very excited to see the Oreck Halo being given away!  The Halo uses UV Light to kill germs and bacteria, and with as many pets as we have thats so important!  So if you'd like the chance to win one go to Love or Hate Debate Oreck Halo Giveaway

Whole Sale Keychains Giveaway

Whole Sale Keychains has an unbelievably huge selection of you guessed it keychains!  If you had ever dreamt it in keychain form they carry it!  I love digital key chains, I think they're such a great way of carrying around photos of those you love.  For your chance to win one of these fabulous techy things, head over to Mama Buzz Digital Photo Keychain Giveaway  by 10-25 for your chance to win!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zebra Pen Giveaway

I love school/office supplies.  There are so many fabulous options to choose from!  Very little is better than a really nice pen.  I hate it when I get a pen and it dies right when I have to write something super important down, or you have to scribble all over your page in order to get it to work.  So I would love to win some of these really nice looking pens from Zebra Pen.  For your chance to win head over to Chuby Cheeks Thinks Zebra Pen Giveaway

Baskin Robbins Giveaway

Ice cream is good year round, but during the Summer months especially great treat living here in the valley of the sun (which this time of year feels like the surface of the sun!)  So I would be super excited to win $10 worth of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream coupons!  If you'd like a chance to win this fantastic prize head over to Blessings Abound Mommy Baskin Robbins Giveaway

In-Dulj Giveaway

I absolutely gourmet treats like the next gal so I was really excited to see this giveaway.  There are going to be 3 lucky winners, one who will win a sampler of gourmet popcorn, another gourmet cookies, and a third an item of their choice.  I think the popcorn sounds fantastic!  For your chance to win go to A Shopper's Quest In Dulj Gourmet Giveaway

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wendys Giveaway

I love Wendy's food, especially the frosty.  In honor of their new fantastic looking salads they're giving away a $10 gift card.  Free lunch!  So for a chance to win go to  Piece of Me Wendys Giveaway

Wishes and Kisses Giveaway

If you or a friend is having a new baby then this is a great giveaway.  Wishes and Kisses is giving away either a little boy or little girl outfit and they are totally adorable!  For your chance to win go to Making My American Dream Wishes and Kisses Giveaway

Food Should Taste Good Giveaway

I'm always looking out for healthier snacks for my family, especially my hubby who has some issues with his cholesterol.  So I was very excited to see this giveaway from Food Should Taste Good you get a six bag sampler pack of chips.  They have everything from Jalapeno to Chocolate!!  If you'd like the chance to win go to Five Monkies Food Should Taste Good Giveaway

Memphis Beat Giveaway

I love the new show Memphis Beat!  I think Jason Lee is fantastic!  You can enter to win a Memphis Beat t-shirt and also some Memphis Hot Sauce!  For your chance to win go over to Obviously Marvelous Memphis Beat Giveaway

Etch a Sketch Giveaway

Want to feel really old?  The Etch a Sketch is 50!!  I couldn't believe it either.  I guess I thought it was a toy of my generation, not having it as twice my age!  It's nice that a toy without a micro chip is actually still on the market!  For your chance to win one of your very own head over to A Nut in a Nutshell Etch a Sketch Giveaway

Cozy Coverz Giveaway

There's nothing I love better than a super comfy blanket!  I know, living in Phoenix this preetty much guarantees a few funny looks, but I love being curled up in a warm blanket.  Ever since I got sick, I get cold very easily.  So I was very excited when I saw this fantastic giveaway.  A blanket made out of sweatshirt material!  Not only that but they're giving away THREE of them!  For your chance to win go to Sammi's Blog of Life Cozy Coverz Giveaway

$60 CSN Gift Card Giveaway

CSN stores have a huge variety of items.  It's like a whole city with just shoppping!  I would love to win this $60 gift card so I could shop for anything guilt free!  For your chance to win it go to The Life of Rylie CSN Giveaway

Protect a Bed Mattress Cover

Living in Arizona sweating at night is a huge issue.  So this Protect a Bed Mattress Cover can help to regulate temperature and keep your mattress safe from any issues.  For your chance to win one in the size of your choice go to The Suburban Jungle Protect a Bed Giveaway

Acoustibuds Giveaway

Acoustibuds are really cool ear bud adaptors that make your ear buds more comfortable and more acoustically sound.  You can win a pair of them from Leslie Loves Veggies Acoustibuds Giveaway

Kohls Giveaway

Kohls has a great program called Kohls Cares for Kids where the proceedes of certain items go to help children in education and healthcare.  You can enter to win a  book and a plush toy by going to Book Giveaways Kohls Cares for Kids Giveaway  and enter to win! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evenflo Savvy Parent Car Kit Giveaway

Evenflo is giving away a great Parent's Car kit!  Not only does it include a $25 Shell gas card, which we could all use!, but also baby wipes and snack cups and a dust buster!  For your chance to win go to Love to Save Evenflo Giveaway

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Craft A Gram Giveaway

Craft A Grams are really cool backpacks stuffed with fun crafts for kids.  I would love to win this for a friend of mine who has a little boy and I think he would have so much fun!  For your chance to win go to Go Graham Go and enter to win.

5 Winners! Gortons Seafood

Another great giveaway of Gorton's Seafood products.  I love winning product coupons because they really cut down the grocery bill!  For your chance to be one of FIVE winners of two free Gorton's Seafood products by going to Tatums Reviews Gortons Seafood Giveaway

Belly Buds Giveaway

Belly Buds are a really cool idea, you can have your baby listen to music and they're comfortable.  If you'd like a chance to win it head over to Akron Ohio Moms Belly Buds Giveaway

Crayon Rompers from Baby Bunch

You can win a pack of super cute very colorful rompers from Baby Bunch.  They have a really cute selection of gifts that are fabulous for baby shower gifts.  For your chance to win go to The Suburban Jungle Baby Bunch Giveaway

Lawrys Grilling Kit Giveaway

We BBQ a lot during the Summer and its a great way to enjoy healthier cooking.  For your chance to win a fabulous grilling kit from lawrys head over to The Suburban Jungle Lawrys Grilling Kit Giveaway

Giveaway with 2 winners of 2 Breyers Coupons

Be one of two winners of two coupons for new Breyers Smooth and Dreamy ice cream products which are really yummy sounding ice cream sandwhiches and ice cream that are healthier options.  For your chance to win go to The Suburban Jungle Breyers Giveaway

$25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

Walmart is giving away a $25 gift card for Walmart for Boxtops for Education a really wonderful program.  Even if you don't have kids you really should support this program it makes a huge difference.  For your chance to win go to Confessions of an Overworked Mom Walmart Giveaway

Zuvo Water Filtration System

Enter to win a Zuvo Water Filtration System worth $299.99!  For your chance to win go to A Simple Kinda Life Zuvo Giveaway

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ergo Baby Carrier Giveaway

Ergo Baby Carriers are super cute and they have a whole line of really great organic ones if that's something you're trying to do with your baby!  For your chance to win one go to My New Life as a Mom Ergo Baby Giveaway

Breyers Coupon Giveaway

Be one of three winners of a coupon for Breyers Smooth and Dreamy products that are fabulous looking ice creams that are low fat and calories!  For your chance to win go to A Simple Kind of Life Breyers Giveaway

Good Earth Giveaway

Good Earth Dinner Kits are actually healthy dinner kits that help you to make easier dinners!  Go to Over 30 Mommy Good Earth Dinner Kits Giveaway

T.J. Maxx Giveaway

I love T.J. Maxx they have such great prices on cute clothes.  To win a $25 T.J. Maxx gift card and have a fun shopping spree Trying To Stay Calm T.J. Maxx Giveaway

Red Envelope Giveaway

I love Red Envelope.  They have such a great variety of gifts at really affordable prices!  For your chance to win a $50 gift certificate go to Trying To Stay Calm Red Envelope Giveaway

Delicate Souls Giveaway

Delicate Souls are a great invention for people who are sick of sore feet!  If you'd like to win a pair go to Trying To Stay Calm Delicate Souls Giveaway

Luminess Air Eye Kit Giveaway

A really cool giveaway of an Eye Kit from Luminess AirLuminess Air is a great company that offers airbrush makeup and so much more.  They have airbrush makeup and a really cool airbrush kit so you can do airbrush tanning at home!  The Eye Kit that you can win is really great it has a black and brown eyeliner and mascara that looks  like it would work really well.  I'm always looking for a mascara that works well since I have blonde hair and really blond eyelashes.  So if you want the chance to win this awesome prize go to Bellas' Beauty Spot Luminess Air Eye Kit Giveaway  and enter to win.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another chance to win Gortons Products

You can be one of five people to win two coupons for any Gortons Seafood product!  To enter go to A Nut in a Nutshell

Lawrys Giveaway

Win a bbq prize pack from Lawrys at A Self Confessed Foodie

Covert Affairs Giveaway

I love the new series Covert Affairs.  I love any spy show especially one with a badass chick!  They're giving away an awesome prize pack by going to Small Screens Scoop Covert Affairs Giveaway

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pro Flowers Giveaway

Enter to win a spa getaway basket from ProFlowers by going to Energizer Bunnys Mommy Reports Giveaway


http://awwnaturalbaby.com/ is a great website where you can get tons of information about where you can get natural and organic products for your baby.  They're also giving away a $75 gift card to Babies R Us by going to Mixed Nuts Mommy Giveaway

Another chance to win Gortons Seafood Products

Another fabulous blog is giving away Gorton's Seafood coupons for free products of your choice.  This blog is giving away 2 coupons to 5 winners.  That's pretty good odds!  I know for me winning two dinner entrees would definitely help our budget!  So if you'd like to win head over to Jaina's Mom Gortons Seafood Giveaway  and enter for your chance to win!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breyers Giveaway

Win a coupon for free Breyers Smooth and Dreamy product of your choice.  Go to Shop With Me Mama Breyers Giveaway

Kymaro Gift Package

Win a package full of Kymaro products by going to Mom Most Traveled Kymaro Giveaway

NachoMama Giveaway

Enter to win a t shirt of your choice from NachoMama.  They have a whole line of really funny t-shirts by going to One Moms Corner of the World Giveaway

$30 CSN Giveaway

Enter to win a $30 gift card for CSN.  That's a free shopping spree!  Head over to Lisa Reviews CSN Giveaway

Another My Living Stories Giveaway

Another blog that's giving away a $25 iTunes giveaway from My Living Stories.  To enter to go to Riding With No Hands Giveaway

Another iTunes Giveaway

Another blog is hosting an iTunes giveaway.  You can win a $25 iTunes giveaway from My Living Stories by going to Lizzy Dears Life My Living Story Giveaway

Handbag Heaven Giveaway

Enter to win any handbag of choice from Handbag Heaven by going to Abbys Approved Handbag Heaven Giveaway

Bali Bliss Earrings

Enter to win a pair of Bali Bliss earrings from Avon.  You can enter to win one of five pairs from Go Graham Go

My Living Stories

Win a $25 iTunes gift card from My Living Stories.  Go to The Mom Reviews iTunes Giveaway

VIvabox Giveaway

Get the Vivabox of your choice by going to Mom Start

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dominos Pizza Show Us Your PIzza Contest

Domionos Pizza is hosting a photo contest to show everyone how great their pizza is that they don't even kneed photo magic to sell it to you!  To promote this contest Dominos is givinga away a $20 gift card.  I would love to win free dinner!  To enter go to Granny Loves Gift Baskets Dominos Giveaway

Stouffer's Lets Fix Dinner

Stouffers Lets Fix Dinner is promoting the family dinner.  They want to promote families sitting down and actually eating together!  You can win a coupon for a full size Stouffers family meal and some things to help you promote dinner.  Head over to Mommy PR Stouffers Giveaway  for your chance to win!

Sears Giveaway

Sears is having a Share in the Celebration giveaway.  You can win one of 4 different $25 Sears gift cards.  That would be great to have a little extra money to buy my hubby some b-day presents.  for your chance to win go to My Thoughts Ideas and Ramblings Sears Giveaway

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brugo Coffee Mug Giveaway

Anyone who is a coffee drinking commuter should have one of these Brugo mugs, probably at least a few just in case.  It's actuallya newe design so that you can take sips of coffee at the perfect temperature.  Brilliant right?  And they come in a whole range of great colors.  If you want the chance to win one go to Thou Shalt Not Whine Brugo Giveaway

Sweet Pea Baby Giveaway

Win an adorable Woobie from Sweet Pea Baby!  Head over to Simply Stacie Woobie Giveaway

ShooShoos Giveaway

ShooShoos are some adorable kid shoes in size baby on up.  I love little tiny shoes!  If you'd like to win the pair of your choice from Raising My 4 Sons ShooShoos Giveaway

Insect Lore Giveaway

Be one of three people to win an Insect Lore grown your own butterfly kit!   This kit comes with everything you need to turn caterpillars into beautiful butterflies!  Go to Serendipity Mommy Insect Lore Giveaway

Executive Gift Shoppe Giveaway

You can win any item up to $50 at the Executive Gift Shoppe.  They have an array of gifts from groomsmen to bosses.  To win go to Thrifty And Frugal Living Executive Giveaway  and enter to win!

Another Gorton's Seafood Giveaway

Another blog is offering the chance to win two coupons for any Gorton's Seafood item of choice.  That means you can get the traditional fishsticks everyone loves or try one of their new ones like the grilled salmon!  For your chance to be one of five lucky people to take home two coupons head over to Thrifty and Frugal Living Gortons Giveaway

Pregnancy Pampering Kit Giveaway

Win a Pregnancy Pampering Kit from Belly Buttons and Babies.  Go to Glimpse Pregnancy Pampering Kit Giveaway

Monday, August 2, 2010

Stouffers Family Dinner Giveaway

Stouffers is promoting family dinners with a great giveaway.  You can get a book that talks about dinner time, a box full of conversation starting questions, and a coupon for a family size stouffer meal item.  Go to Simply Being Mommie Stouffer's Giveaway

Eco Friendly Lunchboxes Giveaway

You win an eco friendly lunch kit with a cooler and containers that you need to take to lunch.  Moms Plans Lunch Giveaway

The Big Skinny Giveaway

The Big Skinny is giving away a Thin Leather Nylon Microfiber Hybrid Multi-Pocket Wallet. 
It's a really nice wallet that offers you a lot of storage space and some pretty ingenius advancements.  I would like to win this to give to my hubby since he's had the same old piece of junk wllet for the last 10 years!  To win a Big Skinny wallet go to Sweeps4Bloggers Big Skinny Wallet giveaway and enter to win! 

Easy Lunchbox Set Giveaway

Easy Lunchboxes are what they say they are.  Containers taht fit into a insulated bag so you can bring real food for lunch and not something out of a can!  For your chance to win one in your choice of color head over to Sweeps4Bloggers Easy Lunchbox Giveaway

Nick Chavez Giveaway

The Nick Chavez Honey Hair Care Set is being given away.  This set is perfect for people who like natural products and it is a complete set.  To win go to Sweeps4Bloggers Nick Chavez Giveaway

Peeled Snacks Giveaway

Peeled Snacks is giving away a Fruit and Nut Summer Sampler full of organic fruit and nuts.  For your chance to win go to Sweeps4Bloggers Peeled Snacks Giveaway

Mac King Magic Prize Pack

The Mac King Magic Prize Pack has everything a kid needs to impress their friends at lunch when school starts up again.  To win this prize go to Sweeps4Bloggers Magic Prize Pack Giveaway

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock Giveaway

The Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock is awesome!  It has so many features including alarms for two different people, 7 day programming, and much much more!  If you want the chance to win one go to Sweeps4Bloggers Neverlate Giveaway

Schick Intuition Giveaway

The Schick Intuitoin Razor is an awesome razor for women.  It has a conditioning strip around it so you don't have to use shaving cream and it really keeps the razor burn away.  If you want to be one of five people to win one go to Sweeps4Bloggers Schick Intuition Giveaway

The Complete Idiots Giveaway

You can be one of five people to win The Complete Idiots Guide To Guitar Exercises!  This would be perfect for my hubby so he could actually use that guitar I bought him!  To enter go to Sweeps4Bloggers Complete Idiots Guide Giveaway

Arm and Hammer Whitening Booster 3X Giveaway

Arm and Hammer Whitening Booster 3X is a supplement to your toothpaste that helps you to whiten your teeth and build enamel.  Arm and Hammer is giving five lucky people a chance to own two boxes of Whitening Booster 3X.  For yoru chance to win go to Sweeps4Bloggers Arm and Hammer Giveaway

George Foreman Evolve Giveaway

The George Foreman Evolve Grill is completely versatile and it allows you to bake, grill, broil you name it!  To win one go to Sweeps4Bloggers Foreman Giveaway

GoPicnic Giveaway

GoPicnic are pre-packed foods that are actually healthy and gourmet.  They all look really good to take with you on a picnic or any other kind of outing.  They are giving FIVE winners three meals each to try out.  If you'd like to enter to win go to Sweeps4Bloggers GoPicnic Giveaway  by 08-06 for your chance to win!

Kids Travel Happy

Win a $25 gift certificate for Kids Travel Happy so you can buy stuff for your kids to travel with by air, car, plane you name it!  They have things from birth through teens and its really affordable so $25 will go far!  Go to Sweeps4Bloggers Kids Travel Happy Giveaway  by 08-05 to win!

CitySlips Giveaway

CitySlips are a genious invention!  These super cute ballet flats fold in half so they can fit in your purse (or the cute little carry bag they come with) for a night on the town.  There's nothing worse than wearing super cute shoes but being miserably uncomfortable.  You can be one of THREE people to take home a pair of CitySlips by going to Sweeps4Bloggers CitySlip Giveaway

First Alert Giveaway

The First Alert Fire and Water protector file chest is something that everyone should have.  The safe is fire and water proof and if you have a fire or a flood (or a fire and then a flood of water as the fire crew is putting your house out!) all of your paperwork will be ruined.  The First Alert chest should hold your will, deeds, marriage license, tax returns, etc.  I would also put in a few of your wedding photos, children's baby photos, a memory card with backup copies of photos and things like that.  If you'd like to win this great giveaway head over to Sweeps4Bloggers First Alert Giveaway  by 08-04

Softlips Summer Flavor Giveaway

Softlips has a new collection of Summer flavors.  I love lip balm that tastes good and this has 20 spf which is really important living in the valley of the sun!  They're giving away the Summer flavors to five, yes FIVE!, lucky people!  To enter go to Sweeps4Bloggers Softlips Giveaway  by 08-05 for your chance to win!

L.A. Minerals Makeup Kit Giveaway

L.A. Minerals Makeup has really affordable mineral makeup.  I love mineral makeup because of the way it makes my skin feel and look but its usually really pricey but not this company.  They're giving away THREE! makeup kits!  Enter to win at Sweeps4Bloggers L.A. Mineral Makeup Giveaway  by 08-03

Elyse Essentials Giveaway

Elyse Essentials are really nice natural therepeutic products for your body, hair and skin.  They're giving away a prize pack full of men's items!  It's very rare to find a giveaway with men's products so I'm very excited about this one.  Its nice to be able to spoil the hubby every once in a while.  To win the Elyse Essentials Men's Gift Pack go to Sweeps4Bloggers Elyse Mens Giveaway  by 08-03 and enter to win!

ToiletTree Giveaway

The ToiletTree fogless shower mirror is a really smart invention.  Not only does it truly not fog, but it has a little shelf for your razor, its rust resistant, and will adhere to practically any surface.  Brilliant!  This would be great for in our shower because I bought my hubby a water proof electric razor but he misses spots because we don't have a mirror in the shower.  If you want to enter to win head over to Sweeps4Bloggers ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror Giveaway by 08-15 to enter!

The Baby Bunch Crayon Romper Gift Set Giveaway

The Baby Bunch has some of the best idea for a baby shower I've seen.  They are your typical onesies and body suits but they are packaged to look like cupcakes and lolipops and the set that's being given away are onesies in adorable bright colors.  Rather than the dull pastels most baby clothes are The Crayon Romper Gift Set are bold and bright colors that are unisex.  To win the set of three rompers go to Sweeps4Bloggers Crayon Romper Gift Set Giveaway  by 08-16 and enter to win!

My Living Stories iTunes Giveaway

There are a lot of blogs participating in the My Living Stories giveaway.   You can win a $25 iTunes gift card to buy some My Living Stories which are really cool fairytales brought to life on ipods and iphones. 
They're only $1.99 so you can get a bunch with $25 and maybe even a couple of songs to go with it!  To enter go to A Daily Dose of Toni My Living Stories Giveaway  before 08-03-10 and enter to win!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Pretty Peacock Giveaway

The Pretty Peacock has some really great personalized jewelry.  You can enter to win a FlyLeaft Birthstone Pendant.  This would be a really nice present for my mom for her birthday in October!  For your chance to win go to One 2 Try FlyLeaf Giveaway

SeaGate Giveaway

I could really use a portable hard drive.  I've lost all my pictures before when my camera died a painful death and its devastating.  That's why the Seagate FreeAgent Go 500 gb ultra portable hardrive would be so helpful.  Not only can you use it for storing data but you can also use it to bring digital copies of your movies with you!   To enter to win one go to Shop with Me Mama Seagate Portable Hardrive Giveawa

Win a Brugo Mug

The Brugo Mug is perfect for anyone who takes their coffee to work.  Its designed so that you can drink coffee at the perfect temperature without cooling off the rest of the mug or burning your mouth.  You can enter to win one in your choice of any color by going to Deb's Here Brugo Giveaway

Fisher Price Giveaway

Fisher Price is the name in kids toys.  They alway shave the best selection of fun and safe toys for kids of all ages.  We don't have any kids but we have two cousins on my husband's side that we refer to as our nephews.  They are really sweet boys and so its a lot of fun to buy and win stuff for them to play with.  That's why I'm entering to win the Fisher Price Bubble Mower.  What kid doesn't want to push a lawn mower around and bubble come out?!  So if you want the chance to win this awesome toy go to Mama Makes Money Fisher Price Bubble Mower Giveaway  by 08-01 for your chance to win.

Smartlabs Giveaway

There is nothing better than fun activities that are actually educational.  Smart Lab Toys has a ton of different kits that will make your kids think they're having more fun than learning.  They're giving away the "Extreme Secret Formula" kit and I think my nephews would have a blast with it!  To win go to Fun Saving Money Smartlabs Giveaway

Kranichs Mother's Ring Giveaway

Kranichs jewelers have a huge selection of gorgeous jewelry at really reasonable prices.  They're giving away a custom mother's ring worth $300!  This would be such an amazing present to give my mom for her birthday in October or maybe for Christmas!  If you'd like to win go to Fun Saving Money Kranichs Mother's Ring Giveaway by 08-01 for your chance to win!

Gorton's Giveaway

Another fantastic way to get some free fish!  You can be one of five winners who will receive 2 coupons for free Gorton's Seafood products.  All you have to do is go to Shop Annie's Gorton's Seafood Giveaway  by 08-02 and enter!

Easy Lunchbox System Giveaway

Everyone in our household takes their lunch to work because it is just way too expensive to eat out.  I'm always looking for ways that brining lunch can be easier.  The Easy Lunchbox System says it all  A cooler bag to carry everythinng in and microwaveable containers to pack your food.  Simple and quick!  To enter to win one go to Shop Annies Easy Lunchbox System Giveaway  by 08-01 to win!

Stouffers Giveaway

Stouffers is promoting family closeness.  I know that my family definitely likes to sit around the table with a Stouffer's lasagna!  You can be one of two people to win a coupon for a family size Stouffer's product and family dinner box of questions, and "Let's Fix Dinner".  For your chance to win go to The Post It Place Stouffers Giveaway

Baby Au Lait Giveaway

You can win a reallly stylish nursing cover up and a matching burp cloth from Baby Au Lait.  This is the perfect  baby shower gift!  Go to Mogul Baby Baby Au Lait Giveaway  by 08-01 for your chance to win!

Good Earth Prize Pack

Dinner kits make life so much easier but most of them are seriously unhealthy!  If you're looking for a health option try out the Good Earth Dinner Kits.  They're giving away a kit, bamboo placewhere, and someboo serving utensils by going to The Nurse Mommy Good Earth Giveaway

Gorton's Fish Coupons-5 Winners!

I love winning coupons for free food it makes the grocery bill that much less!  You can be one of FIVE people to win 2 coupons for your choice of Gorton's Seafood items!  Go to The Funky Monkey Gorton's Seafood Giveaway!

The Vintage Pearl $50 Giveaway

The Vintage Pearl has cool handmade silver jewelry that you can personalize.  You can enter to win $50 to play around with on The Vintage Pearl by going to The Crafty Charlestonian The Vintage Pearl Giveaway by 08-10 and enter for your chance to win!

Another Brugo Giveaway

Double your chance of winning a Brugo Mug!  You can also enter to win one at The Crafty Charlestonian Brugo Giveaway by 08-04

Brugo Mug Giveaway

The Brugo Mug is the first real advancemetn in coffee mugs in a long time.  It keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature.  I would love to win this for my hubby who takes his coffee on his hour long commute every morning.  To win go to Rather Be Changing Diapers Brugo Giveaway

Bazzle Baby Giveaway

My mom has 3 baby showers coming up so I'm always on the lookout for cute baby gifts and giveaways.  If you're looking for the same thing check out the Bazzle Baby giveaway at The Crafty Charlestonian  You can pick out any item from their online store!  For your chance to win go to The Crafty Charlestonian Bazzle Baby Giveaway  by 8-03 and enter to win!

Your Sparkle Box Giveaway

Your Sparkle Box has a ton of super cute things for little girls including all kinds of different tutus, bows, and hats.  YOu can win a $20 gift certificate to buy all of the sparkly things your heart desires by going to The Crafty Charlestonian Your Sparkle Box Giveaway

My Living Stories Giveaway

The stories of our childhood have gone 21st century!  My Living Stories allows you to watch and listen to the class fairytales on your IPhone or IPod Touch.  They're only $1.99 so they're really reasonable and they have really cute illustration.  If you want to win a $25 iTunes gift card so you can watch some head over to Sage and Savvy My Living Stories Giveaway by 08-01 and enter to win!

Creativity For Kids Shell Craft Giveaway

Creativity for Kids has a whole website full of great kits and arts and crats things for kids.  I love these kinds of kits because they're something hands on for kids to do and create and its not virtual like so many activities for kids these days!  There's something so satisfying about making something and having an end product to show off! You can enter to win a Creativity for Kids Beach Buddies Shell Craft Kit by going to Life is a Sandcastle Creativity for Kids Giveaway by 08-01-10

Win 2 Free Breyers Smooth and Dreamy Coupons

Here's another chance to try out Breyer's Smooth and Dreamy low fat  low calorie ice creams!  A Shopper's Quest is giving two people two free product coupons for your choice of any item from the Smooth and Dreamy line!  To win head over to A Shopper's Quest Breyers Giveaway  by 08-01 and enter to win!

Win Breyers Smooth and Dreamy Giveaway

Another chance to win coupons for free Breyers Smooth and Dreamy bars!  These low fat and 160 carlories and under bars sound fantastic.  The chocolate covered strawberry ones would be the first ones I would get.  You can have the chance to win FIVE free product coupons!  That's five whole boxes of chocolatey goodness!  For your chance to win head over to Autusim Learning Felt Breyers Giveaway  by 08-01 for your chance to win!

Zuvo Water Purator Giveaway

We have really terrible water in Phoenix.  Coming from North Idaho with the second cleanest natural water source on the planet I was really spoiled.  Buying bottled water gets really expensive so I was very excited about this giveaway.  The Zuvo Water Purator isn't your garden variety water system.  This actually hooks up to your sink so when you fill up your glass you're getting clean and clear water.  How cool is that?!  To win one head over to Midget Momma on a $1200 Budget Zuvo Giveaway  by 08-01 and enter to win!