Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Video Game Giveaway

Enter to win the game Obscure: The Aftermath for the PSP. Just think a free video game! They're so expensive these days so winning one is very exciting! For your chance to win go here to enter:


Charm Factory Giveaway

Enter to win a beautiful heart charm in your choice of style from Charm Factory. I would love to get the silver hearts one! Go here for your chance to win:


Pillow Pet Giveaway

Pillow pets are really cute! They're adorable stuffed animals that can be used as pillows. I love the Perky Penguin! If you'd like a chance to win one go here to enter:


General Mills Giveaway

Enter to win 2 coupons for General Mills cereal. I love winning prizes for things that I would buy normally. For your chance to win this go here to enter:


Pizza Hut Giveaway

Could you use a free lunch? Who couldn't! Enter to win a $10 gift card for Pizza Hut! Cool huh?? Go here for your chance to win:


Baby Blanket Giveaway

Paputsi is a great Etsy store that offers tons of cute baby items. If you'd like the chance to win a great baby blanket go here for your chance to win:


Flirty Apron Giveaway

Flirty Aprons are adorable! They're stylish and fun and very cute. If you'd like to win one go here to enter:


Personalized Book Giveaway

Personalized books are a really great thing for kids. It really encourages kids to read and feel special when you have a book that is meant for them. If you want to win one of these great books go here to enter:


Beibe Shoes Giveaway

As I've said before I love baby shoes. I really have been trying hard to win a pair of adorable baby shoes. So here's another shot! Beibe shoes are absolutely adorable little shoes! Go here for your chance to win a pair!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Leap Year Giveaway

I love romantic comedies. They just make me happy. I think that Leap Year looks really good. It's got a cute premise and I love Amy Adams. So I will hopefully be seeing it. To celebrate and movie's opening they're giving away a great Leap Year prize package which includes an airline comfort kit and many more things! For your chance to win go here to enter:


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jiffy Lube Giveaway

Our car could really use an oil change. Since money is tight it would be so nice to win this giveaway! You can enter to win a $35 gift card for Jiffy Lube. Go here for your chance to win:


Orient Watch Giveaway

I used to buy a new watch rather than get the battery replaced on my old one. Totally wasteful but I'm lazy! So I was excited when watches started coming out without needing a battery! It's better for the environment and frankly better for me! So this giveaway is very exciting. You can win a beautiful watch from Orient that doesn't require any batteries! For your chance to win go here to enter:


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kraft Gift Basket Giveaway

I love winning practical items. Things I would normally have to spend money on in the grocery store. So I would really like to win this fun gift basket from Kraft. They're promoting their new websites you can find them when you go to apply to win this for yourself!


WeeSqueak Shoe Giveaway

WeeSqueak carries such a cute variety of shoes for little ones. I love the little black Mary Janes for babies. Too cute! If you'd like a chance to win a pair go here to enter the giveaway:



Blogiversary. Talk about a term we didn't have until recently! But Blogiversary are great because they show that a blogger has really dedicated their time to keeping it up and there are usually fabulous giveaways! And Giggling Kids is no exception. For her blogiversary she's hosting some great giveaways. Check it out!


Crib Sheet Giveaway

Enter to win a crib sheet. These are really nice because they're 100% cotton and they're prewashed to avoid shrinking. They come in really cute fabrics and designs. Go here for your chance to win one:


Slimperfect Giveaway

Slimperfect make really nice swimsuits that cover you a little more. It helps a lot if you aren't comfortable in a Baywatch swimsuit! If you want to win a $50 gift card go here to enter:


Lily Me Giveaway

Lily Me makes gorgeous charm necklaces on beautiful satin strings. I would love to own one. They seems like such beautiful talismans. They make great gifts for the women in your life. I think my soon to be sister in law would love it. If you'd like to win one go here to enter:


Hot Lunch Box Giveaway

A great idea. Hot Lunch Boxes are cute little boxes that contain everything you need for a hot date or a fun lunch date. It's such a cute idea for couples. I would love to try it out with my hubby. Go here for your chance to win:


Bath Products Giveaway

Who doesn't love being spoiled with spa products! I know that I do! Especially because I take so many baths to help with the pain I still like to feel like they're an enjoyable thing! That's why I'm hoping I win this fabulous giveaway! You can win essential oil, bath tables, and shower gel! For your chance to win go here to enter:


Pajama Giveaway

I love Pajamas. They're so great to lounge around in and put on after a long day of work. So if you want to win a cute pair of pjs go here to enter:


Friday, January 8, 2010

Ecosmart Giveaway

We have such a problem with ants in our apartment. I hate them. Now that we have a cat I want to only use natural products. So I'd really love to win this ecosmart natural bug killer products. Go here to enter to win:


Subway Giveaway

As I've said before I could definitely use a free dinner. So I would love to win a $25 gift card to Safeway. That could be dinner for 2 nights for us! Go here for your chance to win:


Brightfeet Giveaway

I love slippers. There’s something about having warm and comfortable feet that just makes things better! But I’m notorious for getting up in the dark and banging my toes and knees on things, especially since our house is not exactly organized…So I love the idea of these Brightfeet lighted slippers. The inventor created them after banging his toes like me! So you put them on and the light censors will turn the lights on when it’s dark outside. I think it’s such a great idea. If you’d like to win a pair go here to enter:


Insignia Digital Picture Frame

I would love to win this. I won one before and it got stolen out of my mailbox. It's a keychain digital picture frame and it's such a cool thing to have. If you want to win one go here to enter:


Corel Giveaway

Enter to win a software program from Corel that you can use to edit movies videos, and music. I could really use this software program. Especially now that I'm getting into scrapbooking. Go here for your chance to win:


Clorox Giveaway

The Clorox E-Journal is posting really helpful and interesting tips. You can win 2 Clorox cleaning products by going here to enter:


Restaurant.com Giveaway

Who couldn't use a night out to dinner?? I know that I definitely could. So I would love to win this giveaway. You can win one of two restaurant.com gift cards. Go here for your chance to win:


Patient Style Giveaway

Another great giveaway from Patient Style. They carry a lot of things to make your hospital stay more comfortable. For your chance to win a pair of chenile socks go here to enter:


Pillsbury Giveaway

I love Pillsbury biscuits. That's why I want to try the Pillsbury Flaky Layers Honey Butter Biscuits. They sound delicious. If you want to win a coupon for the biscuits and a butter dish and a butter knife. Go here for your chance to win:


Swanson Giveaway

I love cooking with Swansons products. They are so great. Check out their website at http://www.campbellkitchen.com/swansonchicken/SpecialtyMain.aspx?specialty=swansonchunkchicken to see some great recipes you can look up for how to use their chunk chicken. You can enter to win a coupon to get it free by going here:


Patient Style Giveaway

Anyone who spends any time in the hospital knows how uncomfortable it can be. Which is why Patient Style is so great. They offer hospital gowns, slippers, and other things that make it a more comfortable stay. Go here for your chance to win some slippers:


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walmart Holiday Giveaway

The Holidays get really expensive. Between gift giving and the big dinners it costs a lot. That's why Walmart is such a big help. They have really affordable prices. Right now you can enter to win one of 2 $30 gift cards to Walmart. I could really use an extra $30! Go here for your chance to win:

Safeway Giveaway

Now that Safeway has dropped their prices it's actually a really nice place to shop. I like shopping there because things are so organized and the service is really friendly. I would love to win the $50 gift card for there! It would make such a huge difference for us to help out with the grocery bill. For your chance to win go here to enter:


Waterpik Giveaway

Having a nice showerhead can make all the difference. If you have to get up early in the morning you might as well have something good to look forward to. When I think the name Waterpik I think of the mouth washing device but they also make a ton of other products. Waterpik makes a really great showerhead and you can enter to win noe by oging here:


Bummas Giveaway

Bummas are soft clothes that you can use to dry off baby, wipe up spills, you name it. They are super soft and absorbent. Go here for your chance to win a set:


Nursing Cover Giveaway

For anyone who breast feeds a nursing cover is a must have. This one the hooter hider (great name!) is great because of the design it allows you to keep an eye on baby the whole time. They come in really great prints. For your chance to win go here to enter: http://stacievaughansblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/bebe-au-lait-review-giveaway.html

Popsicle Giveaway

I love Popsicles. They're such a yummy treat especially in the summer time. They're low fat, low calories, and all around a good treat. They are giving away 10 coupons for popsicles! Go here for your chance to win:


WeeSqueak Shoe Giveaway

I have to say that baby shoes are one of the cutest things on the planet. My good friend is having a baby girl and I love picking out adorable things for her. Wee Squeak baby shoes are absolutely adorable. They have a huge selection of shoes for babies and little ones. Go here for your chance to win a pair!


Exergen Giveaway

The new temporal artery thermometers look like something out of startrek. I remember when the ones that took the temperature in the ears were cutting edge. It's so much easier being a baby now then it was when I was a baby! I would love to win one of these because we don't have a thermometer in our house and since my hubby has been getting sick a lot lately it would be really helpful! For your chance to win an Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer go here to enter:


Hell Tastic Giveaway

I have a terrible time with dry cracked heels. Living in the Valley of the Sun doesn't help. I wear flip flops year round and my feet get totally beaten up and worn down. So I would love to win this product! Hell Tastic is supposed to be a miracle cure for dry cracked feet. If you'd like a chance to win it go here to enter:


Glade Gift Basket Giveaway

I love candles. So I really hope that I win this great giveaway. It includes candles, a blanket, and a bunch of other goodies! Go here for your chance to enter to win this giveaway


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monave Giveaway

I love mineral makeup. I've been a devotee for years. So I'm always excited to try different brands. Monave has some great mineral makeup that is not only inexpensive but some great colors. You can enter to win 3 samples of eye shadows and 1 full eyeliner. For your chance to win go here to enter:


Digital Picture Frame Giveaway

Enter to win a Insignia Digital Picture frame. A great giveaway. I would love to win a digital picture frame. It's such a great thing to have. Go here for your chance to win one:


Kraft Foods Gift Basket

A great gift basket full of Kraft products! I could definitely use this. I love winning prizes that are actually useful, so winning things that I would normally have to buy! So I hope that I win this prize!


Island Life Best Buy Giveaway

It's so important to keep your office area safe. There are so many wires and papers and all kinds of hazards mixed in together. So Island Life is hosting a great giveaway of a $200 gift card from Best Buy. Go here to enter:



Another Chance To Win A Dominos Gift Card

A Sister blog to 80 MPH Mom is also hosting a giveaway of a $20 gift card for Dominos. So for you to have a chance to double your chances of winning this great prize go here to enter to win:


Dominos Giveaway

Dominos will be announcing their new pizza recipe soon. I love Dominos. They have great pizza and its actually affordable. That's why I would love to win a $20 gift card for Dominos! Go here for your chance to win:


New Moon Tea Giveaway

A Website with a great selection of tea, http://www.goldenmoontea.com/ has all kinds of fabulous teas and the accessories you need to make a nice cup of tea. You can enter to win a box of the tea of your choice by going here:


Cascade Action Pacs Giveaway

I will admit that I've gotten lazy. I no longer like to take the time to pour out dish detergent and laundry detergent. I have great little pacs for laundry and I love the Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs. They're so convenient and the citrus scent is great. Go here for your chance to win a package:


Visa Gift Card Giveaway

A great blog How To Simplify is offering a $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway. I could really use this right now since money is especially tight. Go here for your chance to win:


Baby Tights Giveaway

Super cute! I love baby shoes and I think they are probably the most adorable thing in the whole world but babies do not keep them on for more than 3 seconds! So this is such a great idea. It's tights that are made to look like there are little shoes that are actually part of the tights. What a great idea! Go here for your chance to win them:


Cheerios 100,000 Books Giveaway

It's so sad that low income child care centers are lacking in age appropriate reading material for kids. So Cheerios and General Mills are donating 100,000 brand new books for kids. What a great program! And to celebrate that The Mommy Files is hosting a great giveaway where you can win a coupon for Cheerios cereal, books, and a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble. I really love Barnes and Noble so I would be so excited to win this. Go here for your chance to win:


Certain Dri Antiperspirant

Certain Dri Antiperspirant sounds like a really great product! It works for 72 hours which is amazing! I'm always looking for a good antiperspirant that works for days at a time rather than having to reapply since being disabled I can't get in the shower every day like I would prefer. So I would really like to try this product so I hope that I win! For your chance to win go here to enter:


OXO Staples Giveaway

I love Staples. I'm a total office supply junkie! They have a line of great products called OXO and you can enter this fabulous giveaway to earn a tape dispenser, scissors, and various other office supplies. Go here for your chance to win:


Revived Jewelry Giveaway

Great necklace that is made from recycled material with a gorgeous gemstone and a little bead that says "Believe". I think its a really inspirational and beautiful necklace that would make the perfect giveaway. ZGo here for your chance to win:


Whippy Cake Giveaway

Great giveaway! It's a super soft and softly knit crochet blankie called a Thumbkin for baby to snuggle up with and wrap their little fingers around. It's a great idea for a newborn. Go here for your chance to win:


Wii Game Giveaway

I love our Nintendo Wii. There are so many games for non-gamers like me to enjoy. A really fun game that looks like something I would enjoy is the Food Networks Worst Cooks In America game for the Nintendo Wii. Go here for your chance to win it:


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ribbon Gift Card Giveaway

Such a great idea for those people who are impossible to buy for. You purchase a $50 for example package for unique gifts, gifts for specific genders or ages, etc. and they can pick from a list of different items that look like they are much more expensive than the price you paid and the person who receives it doesn't know how much you spent. You can win a $50 Indulge prize pack by going here:


Flex Flop Giveaway

I live in sandals ever since I moved to Phoenix. So I love the idea of the FlexFlop. They're flip flops that fold in half and go in a cute little case that you can carry with you. It's perfect for going out to a pedicure, if you get a broken heel, you name it! What a great idea! So if you would like to win it go here to enter:


Wendy's Giveaway

In celebration of their Spicy Chicken Nuggets you can enter to win a $25 gift card for Wendys. This would be such a great treat for us. With money being tight we've cut back on eating fast food quite a bit. But hubby has to eat fast food during lunch so having this gift card would be a nice way for him to get free lunch! Go here for your chance to win:


Betty Crocker Giveaway

I love unique cakes. I think they're such a fun treat and I love watching all of those great cake shows on tv. So winning a Betty Crocker kit with all the tools needed to make a fun birthday cake? Right up my alley! Go here for your chance to win: